Emptying practises of onsite systems in Maputo

by Lena

Drastically speaking, humanity has not yet found an answer to the question of how to safely manage human waste of cities that have grown without a fully covering sewer system. The rapid development of these cities’ population, largely dependent on onsite systems such as pit latrines and septic tanks, is increasing pressure on authorities, researchers, NGOs, companies and other stakeholders worldwide to find solutions for this unresolved issue. While urban faecal sludge management has largely been ignored during the last decades, the global community does now seem to have realised its urgent importance, hence more money is made available for research. As accessibility of resources is increasing ongoing research, work and data duplication are becoming a relevant issue. Efficient research and project management must therefore include finding ways to contribute to the current state of knowledge, rather than wasting time and money. This requires being flexible enough to constantly adapt the research during the ongoing project.

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Final post

by Justus and Thijs

The final week has started for us. The report is being finished and the final presentation prepared. In the last weeks we have been busy collecting the last data and writing the report. We have done the volume analyses of the sewer system and we spent a day at the WWTP. Finally, last week we gave a presentation at the Dutch embassy about our findings. They were very interested and it was rewarding to share the information we obtained. Continue reading

Fourth week already!

“Bom dia! Tudo bem?” is a common phrase when you walk on the streets. People start to recognize you and want to have a conversation with you. It is good to practise your Portuguese and it is amazing to see how friendly the people behave. For public transportation we often take a “chapa” – a minibus – which is not very comfortable, but it is handy to travel longer distances.
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Third week


Laying underneath my mosquito net I write you this post. It has only been two and a half weeks since we arrived in Maputo, but in this time my life has changed completely. Mozambican’s are very friendly; they are always willing to practise Portuguese with us. We have started to get used to our apartment on the twelfth floor without elevator, windows without glass and cold showers. But most important of all, the project is progressing very fast! Continue reading