Peer-reviewed journals

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Improving health in cities through systems approaches for urban water management

Year: 2016
Journal: Environmental Health
Authors: Luuk Rietveld, J. G. Siri (United Nations University International Institute for Global Health, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), I. Chakravarty (Public Health Engineering Department, Government of West Bengal, Kolkata, India), André Arsénio, R. Biswas (Austrian Institute of Technology, Vienna, Austria) and A. Chatterjee (School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal, India).



Mitigation Potential of Sanitation Infrastructure on Groundwater Contamination by Nitrate in Maputo

Year: 2018
Journal: Sustainability
Authors: André Marques Arsénio (TU Delft/UEM), Iana Câmara Salim (Leiden University), Mingming HU (Leiden University), Nelson Pedro Matsinhe (UEM), Ruth Scheidegger (EAWAG), Luuk Rietveld (TU Delft)





Water Reclamation for industrial use in sub-Saharan Africa, a Critical Review

Year: 2019
Journal: Drinking Water Engineering and Science
Authors: Noor Gulamussen, André Arsénio, Nelson Pedro Matsinhe (UEM) and Luuk Rietveld






Use of (partially) treated municipal wastewater in irrigated agriculture; potentials and constraints for sub-Saharan Africa

Year: 2020
Journal: Physics and Chemistry of the Earth
Authors: Celma Niquice, André Arsénio, Rui Brito (UEM) and Jules van Lier

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