MSc theses

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Understanding institutions Governance in Maputo’s sanitation sector

Type: MSc thesis
Date: July 2020
Publisher: TU Delft and Leiden University
Author: Noud Jaspers
Supervisors: André Arsénio, Luuk Rietveld and Gijsbert Korevaar





Frame analysis of the water problem in Maputo, Mozambique

Type: MSc thesis
Date: 21-08-2018
Publisher: University of Amsterdam
Author: Teresa Ibrahim
Supervisors: Adriano Biza, Anna Wesselink (IHE-Delft)






Analysis of the challenges and solutions in the water and sanitation sector in Greater Maputo, Mozambique – Applying the Dynamic Adaptive Policy pathways approach

Type: MSc thesis
Date: 13-06-2017
Publisher: TU Delft
Author: J. Stuyling de Lange
Supervisors: André Arsénio, Luuk Rietveld, B. Enserink (TU Delft).






Assessing the possibility of water reclamation for concrete production in Maputo, Mozambique

Type: MSc thesis
Date: 24-11-2016
Publisher: TU Delft
Author: N. Fausta
Supervisors: Noor Gulamussen, André Arsénio, N.P. Matsinhe (UEM) and Luuk Rietveld






A life cycle analysis of the technical costs and social costs for the provision of sanitation services in Maputo, Mozambique

coverType: MSc thesis
Date: 26-08-2016
Publisher: TU Delft
Author: J.L. Esguerra
Supervisors: M. Hu (Leiden University), Dr. L. Scholten (TU Delft)






Assessing water and nutrients flows in the city of Maputo, Mozambique

MFA_Maputo_IanaSalim_coverType: MSc thesis
Date: 26-08-2016
Publisher: TU Delft
Author: I.C. Salim
Supervisors: M. Hu (Leiden University), André Arsénio, N.P. Matsinhe (UEM)




Assessment of attitudes and practices regarding onsite sanitation management in Maputo, Mozambique

MScThesis_MBaeuerl_coverType: MSc thesis
Date: 25-10-2015
Publisher: The University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
Author: Magdalena-Maria Bäuerl
Supervisors: Günter Langergraber (Boku)
Co-supervisor: André Arsénio






Characterization of the central wastewater treatment plant of Maputo (Mozambique)

Additional_thesis_IreneCaltran_final_coverType: Additional Thesis
Date: 28-7-2014
Publisher: TU Delft
Author: I. Caltran
Supervisors: Luuk Rietveld, André Arsénio
Co-supervisor: Prof. N.P. Matsinhe (UEM Maputo)

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