Johanna Weststrate

Johanna (Hanneke) Weststrate is working on an article-based PhD thesis. The subject of the thesis is the governance of the water and sanitation sector in Maputo. Her work aims to provide an insight into the way sludge and wastewater are currently managed. During her last visit, she conducted interviews with staff members of government bodies, NGO’s, CBO’s and companies active in the water and sanitation sector.

PhD advisors:

  • Prof. Dr. G. Dijkstra, Professor in Governance and Global Development at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, Department of Public Administration
  • Dr. J. Eshuis, Assistant Professor at the department of Public Administration, Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Dr. A. Gianoli, Senior Consultant at the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies
  • Dr. M. Rusca, Senior Lecturer at UNESCO-IHE
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