First week, first post

Me and Luuk arrived last week in Maputo. The objective of this first week was mainly meeting some of the project partners and it was a success. We had meetings with people from Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, with Vitens Evides International, with the Dutch Embassy in Maputo, with the Mozambican consultancy firm Salomon and with the NGO Pamodzi.

We also had the opportunity to interview four candidates interested in the PhD vacancies available in our project. After the interviews we were confident that it will be possible to recruit the PhD within the deadline – until the end of the year.

Three students from TU Delft (two BSc students and one MSc student) also arrived in the country. The students, Odilia, Stefan and Irene, will stay in Mozambique for 3 months and will support starting the project and will be responsible for initiating the field work both in the peri-urban areas (de-centralized water reuse) and at the wastewater treatment plant (centralized water reuse). They will also be responsible for maintaining the blog while in Mozambique so you can expect many posts from them during this period.

André Arsénio