Fourth week already!

“Bom dia! Tudo bem?” is a common phrase when you walk on the streets. People start to recognize you and want to have a conversation with you. It is good to practise your Portuguese and it is amazing to see how friendly the people behave. For public transportation we often take a “chapa” – a minibus – which is not very comfortable, but it is handy to travel longer distances.
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Third week


Laying underneath my mosquito net I write you this post. It has only been two and a half weeks since we arrived in Maputo, but in this time my life has changed completely. Mozambican’s are very friendly; they are always willing to practise Portuguese with us. We have started to get used to our apartment on the twelfth floor without elevator, windows without glass and cold showers. But most important of all, the project is progressing very fast! Continue reading