The second week

Bom dia!

We, os estudantes*, have been in Maputo for a bit more than one week and it feels already like one month of experiences. But we are starting to build up a routine and get our way in the beautiful Maputo.

The view from our apartment.

We used the first days to discover the most important locations & shops and we already proudly ordered our first meal in Portuguese. Mozambican telephone SIM and internet are very easy to arrange and we live right in front of the Mercado do Povo, with its delicious tropical fruits (if you come here don’t miss the papayas!).

Odilia and Stefan are working hard with their research proposal and did an impressive network job at the King’s Day meeting at the Dutch Embassy. I (Irene) am working at my report as well and I have been doing literature research about domestic waste water quality and water quality requirements for agriculture and industrial reuse. In the meanwhile, André is meeting a lot of people to discuss about the project and arrange the necessary permits. For instance, last Friday he met people from the World Bank, the Municipality, the AMATI (an association that represents small water providers) and people from the the Dutch water company Waternet working here in Mozambique. The four of us also visited the NGO Pamodzi, who will be our main contact for the de-centralized water reuse project part. We will keep you informed about the developments of the project, thank you for reading our blog.


* – Portuguese for students.

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