Mid-term review

by André

On the last week of November we met in Den Haag with NWO for the mid-term review and we have to say that the reviewers were quite positive.

One of the reviewers was “quite impressive what the team has done” and appreciated the fact that so many stakeholders are involved, including private sector (NGOs, service providers). He also underlined the connection with the local university and the inclusion of local BSc students as being very positive. The reviewer went on saying that our results will be very interesting for other cities with similar characteristics.
He mentioned as challenge the integrating the outcomes of all PhDs into one decision making tool, which is difficult but relevant.

The second reviewer mentioned that quite some progress has been done. This reviewer advised us to bring up the issues at higher-levels and to advocate more integrated approach instead of a sequential approach. Which is exactly what we will be doing from January 2017.

Finally, Gildo TImóteo of Águas da Região de Maputo was also present and clearly stated that the project “legs to walk” (Portuguese saying) but four years is too much time to wait for the results because more and more people need water. This was also only of the ideas that he had already shared during the interview.

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