On this webpage we will publishing all Multimedia content produced by the project and all these clips will be available on our YouTube page. The main objective of these first interviews is understanding the main challenges that local stakeholders in Maputo face presently and how, in the organization’s own words, can our water reclamation project be the solution.

Paulino Cossa

Interview to Paulino Cossa. Mr. Paulino was, at the time, the President of AFORAMO in November 2016.

Manuel Alvarinho

Interview to Manuel Alvarinho. Mr. Alvarinho was, at the time, the President of CRA in November 2016.

Gildo Timóteo

Interview to Gildo Timóteo of Águas da Reigão de Maputo in August 2016.

Lizete Dias

Interview to Lizete Dias of ARA Sul also done in August 2016.

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