Weeks 6 and 7

by Justus and Thijs

Bom dia,

In the last two weeks we gathered information and worked a lot on our report and in the meanwhile André arrived. We had meetings with CRA and with the municipality of Maputo.

On Friday (31st October) we visited the pumping stations of the sewer system with an engineer of the municipality. In the sewer system of Maputo are two pumping stations in line: pumping station one pumps the sewage water into a gravity sewer, which flows to pumping station two. Pumping station two then pumps the sewage to the wastewater treatment plant at the Infulene. This fieldtrip to the pumping stations was very useful and it showed us why the pumping stations are still not working. The pumping stations are ready to be used, they were repaired after some technical problems, but there is sand in the sewers and for this reason it is not possible to switch the pumping stations on. This means all the sewage water, collected in this part of the city, is directed to the bay through overflows and shortcuts.

Pumping station two.

Last week we made our first estimations based on all our collected data and we wrote a first draft of our final thesis. The coming weeks we will discuss and think with André about finishing and expanding our research in Maputo.

We have also done some sightseeing here in Maputo, we went to local markets and restaurants which was fun. We tasted mangoes and chamuças (Samosa in English), Indian specialties very common here in Mozambique. The peak of our trips so far was a trip to the mountains of Swaziland for a weekend of hiking, fun and travelling in mini-buses in African style. It was nice to see how different life in Swaziland is, although it is so close to Maputo.

Até mais,
Thijs and Justus

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