Unsafe water reuse in Maputo

by André

This short film was produced by UEM and it discusses the ongoing reuse of poorly treated wastewater at the WWTP of Infulene in Maputo.


We have been having some issues with embeding YouTube clips. If that is still the case you can find it here.

In this area of the city, the farmers grow a major part of the vegetables consumed in Maputo. The film is in Portuguese but the images are self-explanatory: the farmers in the vicinity of the plant are using effluent water to irrigate their crops (check Irene’s report).
Researchers of UEM discuss that using that water for irrigation is not only dangerous given its content of bacteria, virus and parasites but also because of the irrigation method. In the film, Ivan Nerantzoulis, who I had the pleasure to meet and talk to, is featured showing the farmers that they should only irrigate the soil below the leaves.
It is great to see UEM, our project partner, addressing these issues.

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