First week in Maputo

by Laura and Judith

My name is Laura Nougues and I am currently a fourth year civil engineering BSc student at TU Delft. For my minor I was very lucky to come to Maputo to do a research project. The minor I chose is in Water Management theme and this is also the area of my research project I am working on now, here in Maputo.

I’m looking into the feasibility of using reclaimed water to cool a thermal power plant, which is being built in the city, close to the Bay. My work focuses on determining the different costs involved and on the possible partnerships which could be created to facilitate the achievement of the cooling system. During my study period I will be working at the campus of the Eduardo Mondlane University under the supervision of Noor Gulamussen.

My name is Judith Kavelaars and for the past two years I have been studying Civil Engineering at the TU Delft. In the third year there is space to choose your own activity for a semester. I wanted to know more about water management and that’s where the opportunity to go to Mozambique came up. Not only is it a great way to get to know the country, but it is also good to get another insight on my study.

My project focuses on forecasting drinking water demand and availability from now until 2040 for the area of greater Maputo, including the cities of Maputo and Matola. It is likely that there is no sufficient fresh water until 2040, so it is also interesting to consider different solutions to overcome this deficit. During my studies I will be working under the supervision of André Arsénio.

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