Conference proceedings and public talks

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Attitudes and practises with regard to emptying of onsite systems in Maputo, Mozambique

WEDC2015_BriefingPaperMaputo_coverType: Conference talk – briefing paper
Date: 28-07-2015
Publisher: WEDC, Loughborough University, UK
Authors: Magdalena-Maria Bäuerl, Odete Muximpua, André Marques Arsénio, Edvaldo Zimba & Peter Hawkins






Ecosanitation in Maputo, Mozambique – Irrigating crops with urine

PIS_AndreArsenio_April2015_final_v2Type: Public talk (“Using urine in smarter ways” at Mediamatic, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Date: 20-04-2015
Publisher: TU Delft
Authors: André Marques Arsénio, O. Schölvinck, S. Jammers, and Luuk Rietveld



Sustainable water supply in urbanizing Maputo, Mozambique

IWWA2015_coverType: Conference article (47th IWWA annual convention, Kolkata)
Date: 28-01-2015
Publisher: TU Delft
Authors: A. Marques Arsénio, N.P. Matsinhe, M. Rusca, J.P. van Lier and L.C. Rietveld

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