Summer school at Eawag

by André

This one comes a bit late but the last few months have been hectic. From 31 May until 5 June I attended the 7th Summer School in Environmental Systems Analysis at Eawag.

It was a very intense week but thanks to the great lecturers it was a great opportunity. We learned in depth the principles of Bayesian Statistics and we got to apply it to several practical exercises using R. From all lecturers I was most impressed with Dmitri Kavetski (University of Adelaide) and I surely enjoyed his lectures. Most of the week is centred around hydrology examples but much of what you will hear can be adapted to other systems/problems.

Some advices, if you are considering enrolling I would suggest learning R, for example here and reading about Bayesian Statistics; for this I found this book by Peter Congdon very useful. Also, bring your own problems to be discussed in class and that will certainly help you.

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